Gluster is a scalable network filesystem. Using common off-the-shelf hardware, you can create large, distributed storage solutions for media streaming, data analysis, and other data- and bandwidth-intensive tasks.

* Distributed scalable network filesystem
* Automatic failover
* Without a centralized metadata server / Fast file access
* No Hot-Spots/Bottlenecks / Elastic Hashing Algorithm
* XFS file system format to store data (ext3,ext4,ZFS,btrfs)
* NFS, SMB/CIFS, GlusterFS(POSIX compatible)
* How Does GlusterFS Work Without Metadata?
* All storage nodes have an algorithm built-in
* All native clients have an algorithm built-in
* Files are placed on a brick(s) in the cluster based on a calculation
* Files can then be retrieved based on the same calculation
* For non-native clients, the server handles retrieval and placement

Ceph Storage

The power of Ceph can transform your organization's IT infrastructure and your ability to manage vast amounts of data. If your organization runs applications with different storage interface needs, Ceph is for you! Ceph's foundation is the Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS), which provides your applications with object, block, and file system storage in a single unified storage cluster?making Ceph flexible, highly reliable and easy for you to manage.

* Massively scalable storage system
* Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS)
* Object, block, and file system storage in a single unified storage cluster
* Object-based Storage


Logging, simulator and emulator for various sensors (Ridar, Lidar, Camera, CAN, GPS) used in automotive.

* Feature List
- Logger
- Replay
- Reprocessing

* Feature Interface
- CAN 2 Channel
- GPS 1 Channel (Low Cost Type)

- Ethernet Camera